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At Plateau Truck and Tractor Crossville TN we have Vermeer hay equipment available to meet your every need. Staying up with technology changes can be challenging. Plateau has expert staff to help you decide what model will best fit your operation.

Vermeer hay equipment


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As we talk about engineering accomplishments, there’s no denying that Vermeer is probably the most famous one due to its innovative hay equipment. Although the design has dramatically evolved in the past few years as a way to take advantage of technology, rest assured that Vermeer managed to maintain its classic look, making Vermeer hay equipment a top choice for farmers.

What Makes Vermeer Hay Equipment Practical

Unlike other manufacturers, Vermeer offers an extended limited warranty coverage for their equipment. It doesn’t matter how many days you run, or how much you have used it, rest assured that with Vermeer hay equipment, you’ll be covered by their extended limited warranty program. All you have to do is contact Plateau Truck and Tractor to know more about the guidelines.

Choosing the Right Vermeer Hay Equipment

When it comes to choosing the right Vermeer hay equipment, it’s important that you pay attention to these factors:

  • Material
  • Moisture Levels
  • Size of Operation
  • Dealer



You have to consider the kind of material you are balling– would it be straw, hay, or silage? Each has different densities, as well as moisture levels. This will determine the type of hay equipment that you should be using.

Moisture Levels

You are probably aware that it’s a big no-no to bale while the hay is still wet. This can trigger molding, which can be a huge problem later on. That’s why it’s very important to select the right equipment based on the kind of crop you bale, and ideally, it should have a density ranging from 115 to 240 kg/m3.

Size of Operation

For those who own a small scale operation with only a few animals, a rectangular baler may be an ideal option, as it’s easier to maintain. On the other hand, for larger operations, it has been observed that large square balers are better when it comes to harvesting more crops.



The truth is, no matter what type of hay equipment you’re going to choose, it’s very important that you go with a brand that has parts available nearby. Likewise, choosing a reputable dealer, like Plateau Truck and Tractor, can also save you from all the trouble once your equipment starts to malfunction.

Plateau in Crossville TN suggests that aside from paying great attention to the factors discussed above when choosing hay equipment, it’s also important to ask yourself these questions:

Is the equipment available?
How much will the shipping cost be if the equipment would be shipped?
Are parts of the equipment easily accessible?
Does the company have experience when it comes to hay equipment?

At Plateau, we have everything you need when it comes to hay equipment. Our experienced professionals can answer all your questions and get you the equipment to get your work done. Stop by and see us today.


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